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 Gene Symbol Clone  Pub Flox
  1110021L09Rik (Slc18b1)   IST12337C7
  2610529C04Rik (Magt1)   IST13422E1
  4930485B16Rik   IST10309B2
  5430437P03Rik   IST11207B9
  5730403B10Rik   IST12371A7
  5730419I09Rik   IST12020E4
  A530016L24Rik   plate#1 C11
  A630007B06Rik   IST13933H8
  Act1 (Traf3ip2)   IST14219G5
  Act1 (Traf3ip2)   IST14582B8
  Act1   IST13900D5
  Actrt2   Actrt2_CRISPRdel  
  Adat1   IST13266C7
  Adc (Azin2)   IST12418H6
  Adh5 (GSNOR)   IST12290F1
  Ahcy   IST12357H3
  Ahr   Ahr_CRISPRdel
  AI481877   C10
  Amdhd2   IST10373F3
  Amfr   IST12797A11
  Angptl2   IST12354B11
  Ankrd25 (Kank2)   IST10585D9
  Ankrd27   IST14228H10
  ApoA1   ApoA1_CRISPRdel  
  Atg9b   IST12460B6
  Atp2b4   IST12054G8
  Atxn2l   Atxn2l_CRISPRdel
  B3gnt7   IST14284B1
  B3gnt7   IST13177F3
  Baz1b   IST13698E11
  BLM   IST10009A5
  C87436   IST10209A1
  Ccbl1   IST10490D8
  Ccdc109a (Mcu)   IST11669F8
  Chchd4   IST11943B12
  Chek1   IST10484G7
  Ciz1   IST13830B6
  Cks1b   IST10526D7
  Clasp2   Clasp2_CRISPRdel  
  Clcn3   IST10234B11
  Clpp   IST11134F10
  Clpp   IST13563G11
  Cnih4   IST10725D11
  Crlf2   IST12330G3
  Crls1   IST10794D5
  Csgalnact2   IST12521F12
  Cyb561   IST11004D9
  D10Ertd610e   IST11922A5
  D17Wsu92e   IST12471H5
  Dact2   IST11698F7
  Dapk1   IST12766D5
  Dhrs7   IST10344A6
  Dhtkd1   IST12107H11
  Dhx29   IST10374C12
  Dhx38   IST13922D9
  Dnah6 (Dnahc6)   Dnah6_CRISPRdel
  Dnase1l1   IST11868D3
  Dock5   IST14054B12
  Dstyk   IST10368F3
  Dusp12   IST11810H5
  Eif2a   IST13504C3
  F2rl1   IST10743A11
  Fads1   IST11525H2
  Fam76b   IST14004H1
  Fndc5   P1E4  
  Frs3   IST10046F8
  Galnt2   IST11819C7
  Ggnbp2   IST12476F10
  Glipr2   IST12674H5
  Gm129 (Ciart)   IST11761C7
  Gm14134 (Syndig1)   IST12733A12
  Gm16880 (Platr22)   IST14451G1
  Gm98   IST13023D7
  Gprasp2   IST12714A6
  Gpr1   IST10780A9
  Gpr160   IST11304H6
  Gpsm3   IST12408A1
  Grk3   Grk3_CRISPRdel  
  Hddc3   IST11584D7
  Hectd1   IST11772C2
  Hecw2   IST12103C8
  Hgsnat   IST11912G1
  Hmga2   CRISPR mutation
  Hspa9   IST14901H6
  Hvcn1   IST12502F11
  Idh2   Idh2_CRISPRdel 2ex
  Idh2   Idh2_CRISPRdel
  Ifnar   CRISPR mutation
  Il17rc   IST12240H7
  Il33   IST10946B6
  Irf3   B6  
  Itfg3   IST13511G10
  Itpkc   IST11907G8
  Jhdm1d (A630082K20Rik)   IST12540G3
  Kat2b   IST11738H7
  Kat5   IST12384G7
  Kdm1b (Aof1)   IST11842C10
  Klb   IST12954B1
  Lars   IST10151E10
  Lass4   IST10892E9
  Lass6   IST12515C9
  Lef1   IST13599C10
  Lmo7   IST10208D3
  Lmo7   IST12683F11
  Lycat (Lclat1)   IST14753C5
  Malat1   IST13706H11
  Malat1   IST14461G11
  Map4k1   IST11357F2
  Map4k4   IST12106C8
  Mars   IST13835A9
  Mcc   IST10956F8
  Mdfi   G7
  Mertk   Mertk_CRISPRdel
  Metap1d (Metapl1)   IST10532F8
  Mga   IST11263B7
  Mgll   F7
  Mical3   IST13229E8
  Mir-124a-1   IST10345E10
  Mir-142   IST11580H2
  Mir-20a   IST13769E12
  Mov10   IST13267G7
  Mpp1   IST11251G10
  Mpst   IST13671A7
 Msrb2   CRISPR mutation
  Mtp18 (1700020C11Rik)   IST12450C4
  Mvp   IST10954E2
  Naa50 (Nat13)   IST11711F5
  Nars   IST12055D12
  NDUFS1   IST11385B7
  Nipsnap1   IST11923E10
  Nipsnap1   IST10683A1
  Oxct1   MHCK8-LSL-mOxct1
  Parp9   IST11917E11
  Parp9   IST12462C8
  Pde3b   IST12419E4
  Pdgfrb   IST12405F3
  Pdlim1   IST12013D3
  Phactr1   CRISPR mutation  
  Pigl   IST11718A4
  Pkd2   Pkd2_CRISPRdel
  Plagl1   Plagl1_CRISPRdel  
  Plcb3   IST13837B12
  Pml   IST10943B9
  Pnpla3   IST12030D11
  Poglut1 (Ktelc1)   IST10323G11
  Poldip2   IST12080D9
  Polrmt   IST10527F1
  Ppcdc   IST10148A1
  Ppp2r5a   IST13127C10
  Ptgr2   IST13888F9
  RanBP3l   RanBP3l_CRISPRdel  
  Rev1   IST10468C11
  Rfx2   IST10638H11
  Rg9mtd2   IST11866G10
  Rmi2 (A630055G03Rik)   p1c3  
  Rnd3   IST12405G10
  Rnf157   IST11057A7
  Rpia   IST12285H5
  Rps27l   IST11658B7
  Rsl1d1   IST12071A4
  S100a13   IST12350D1
  Sap30   IST10844D12
  Sart1   IST11321E11
  Sbno2 (Stno)   IST13713E7
  Senp3   IST10683A11
  Senp7   Senp7_Q841X_CRISPRdel
  Sh3rf2   IST11183B1
  Shroom2   IST10428A1
  Slc25a12   IST11963G6
  Slc25a32   IST11480G10
  Slc25a40   IST10006D1
  Slc47a1   IST12634F2
 NHERF1 (Slc9a3r1)   Slc9a3r1_CRISPRdel  
  Smad6   IST13036D12
  Snd1   p1A6  
  Srrm3 (2900083I11Rik)   IST12726F8
  Stard8   IST10946A9
  Steap3   IST13594C11
  Sucla2   IST10208H1
  Svip   IST14055E5
  Syngr4   IST14552E4
  Tbc1d1   IST10942F8
  Tbc1d25   IST10205D5
  Tgfbr3   Tgfbr3_CRISPRdel
  Tgm3   IST12449B1
  Tmem184b   IST10294F4
  Tmem192   IST11080D12
  Tmem39a   IST13205E1
  Tnfaip8   IST13629C1
  TNIP1   IST11001G7
  Tnrc6a   IST12137A2
  Tnrc6b   IST12075C8
  Tnrc6c   IST11346C2
  Traf4   IST12765E4
  Trmt10c   Trmt10c_p1E5
  Trp53rk   IST11755G12
  Tspan9   IST11668F5
  Ttll13   IST14650F3
  Ube2g2   IST11604B10
  Ube3a   mUbe3a_v2
  Ubr4   IST13981E2
  Uchl5   IST10380G2
  Usp25   IST12101C9
  Usp37   IST10572G11
  Vapb   IST14728B4
  Vars2   IST12474C4
  Vstm4   CRISPR mutation
  Wdyhv1 (Ntaq1)   IST14542A4
  Wsb2   IST13662C2
  Wsb2   IST11321D9
  Wsb2   IST13143B4
  Xrn1   IST12040A12
  Zbtb20   IST12271A5
  Zbtb25   IST10933B4
  Zbtb32 (Rog)   IST12443F7
  Zbtb7c   IST12015F4
  Zbtb7c   IST11777G6
  Zdhhc14   IST12255F8
  Zfp281   Zfp281_CRISPRdel
  Zipro1 (Zscan21)   IST10016F7



Gene Symbol Clone Pub
 2610304G08Rik (Rprd1b)   OST385988
 2610304G08Rik (Rprd1b)   OST430466
 4930503L19Rik   OST30150
 A530016L24Rik   C11
 Arhgap26   OST135790
 B230120H23Rik (Zak)   OST489724
 Brp44l   OST39041
 Cabp1   OST258109
 Cap1   OST359503
 Ccdc111   OST296220
 Ccdc111   OST465952
 Cdk2ap2   OST172722
 Cdk2ap2   OST123334
 Cnbp1   OST37780
 Cutl2 (Cux2)   OST440231
 Cyp4f14   plate#1 B4
 Dbn1   OST7352
 Ebpl   OST390105
 Fastkd2 (2810421I24Rik)   OST299100
 Fbxl5   OST386421
 Fyco1   OST83389
 Glis2   OST46404
 Got1l1   OST424283
 Gpr175   OST191632
 Hbp1   OST321804
 Hbp1   OST332657
 Hfm1   OST347241
 HPSE2   OST441123
 HPSE2   OST411605
 Irak1bp1   OST277418
 Lef1   OST432723
 Lmo6 (Prickle3)   OST189446
 Lrig1   GST4169C6
 Mgst2   OST22210
 mir-335   plate#1 H1
 Mlip (2310046A06Rik)   OST14893
 Msn   OST432827
 Myrip   GST_3747_G6
 Neil2   OST218883
 Pcgf1 (Nspc1)   OST66861
 Pftk2   OST417947
 Ppp1r2   OST190571
 Rapgef4   OST450264
 Reep1   OST34305
 Reep1   OST398247
 Rit2   OST418651
 Sdccag8   OST40418
 Sh3glb2   OST224737
 Sim2   plate#2A F5
 Smarcal1   OST310268
 Smoc2   plate#2 F11
 Spire1   OST416113  
 Srcap   OST213684
 Stk11   OST455450
 Stx1b1   OST68841  
 Tbc1d19   OST435514
 Ufm1   OST254730
 Zdhhc8   OST328073
 Zfp276   OST57333
 Zfp683 (ZNF683) (Gm13060)   OST314703  
 Zswim2   plate#1 E12

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