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Recommended Informatics Database

The Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) Database at the Jackson Laboratory provides integrated access to data on the genetics, genomics and biology of the laboratory mouse. The projects contributing to this resource include:

  • Mouse Genome Database (MGD) Project
    • MGD includes data on gene characterization, nomenclature, mapping, gene homologies among mammals, sequence links, phenotypes, allelic variants and mutants, and strain data.
  • Gene Expression Database (GXD) Project
    • GXD integrates different types of gene expression information from the mouse and provides a searchable index of published experiments on endogenous gene expression during development.
  • Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) Database Project
    • MTB integrates data on the frequency, incidence, genetics, and pathology of neoplastic disorders, emphasizing data on tumors that develop characteristically in different genetically defined strains of mice.
  • Gene Ontology (GO) Project at MGI
    • The Mouse Genome Informatics group is a founding member of the Gene Ontology Consortium. MGI fully incorporates the GO in the database and provides a GO browser.

Knockout Resource Databases

The International Gene Trap Consortium (IGTC) represents all publicly available gene trap cell lines, which are available on a non-collaborative basis for nominal handling fees. Researchers can search and browse the IGTC database for cell lines of interest using accession numbers or IDs, keywords, sequence data, tissue expression profiles and biological pathways.

The International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR) is a searchable online database of mouse strains and stocks available worldwide, including inbred, mutant, and genetically engineered mice. The goal of the IMSR is to assist the international scientific community in locating and obtaining mouse resources for research. The data content found in the IMSR is as it was supplied by data provider sites.

Recommended Service Providers

The Jackson Laboratory, offers a fully integrated suite of services to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions to cryopreserve, expand, breed and characterize your mice following recovery from the TIGM library. Projects are highly customizable and are delivered to meet your schedule, budget, and research goals. Some of these services include:

  • Speed Expansion Services
  • Sperm Cryopreservation Services
  • Breeding and Colony Maintenance
  • in vivo Services

For a detailed price quote for any of these services, contact JAX® Services at 1-800-422-6423, 1-207-288-5845, or e-mail jaxservices@jax.org.

Other Knockout Resources
The members of the International Knockout Mouse Consortium are working together to mutate all protein-coding genes in the mouse using a combination of gene trapping and gene
targeting in C57BL/6 mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells.

The North American Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis project (NorCOMM) is a large-scale research initiative focused on developing and distributing a library of mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell lines carrying single conditional knockout mutations across the mouse genome.

The Knock Out Mouse Project (KOMP) Repository .

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