Phenotyping Services

TIGM is serving as a centralized access hub to various phenotyping labs at TAMU

Services include:mouse

Metabolic Phenotyping

  • glucose metabolism
  • insulin resistance
  • serum chemistry


  • ultra-high resolution imaging and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (Faxitron Ultra Focus Digital Radiography)
  • high-resolution X-ray CT (Scanco Viva40 MicroCT)
  • radioisotopic (Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme)
  • high resolution X-ray (Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme)

Physiology systems

  • DEXA for bone density analysis


  • Gross Observations
  • Organ Tissue Weights
  • Histopathology

Expression studies

  • Taqman
  • Microarrays


  • Skin Proliferation
  • Xenografts

In collaboration with The Rodent Preclinical Phenotyping Core (RPPC), TIGM can provide access to  a wide variety of state of the art equipment to help expedite comprehensive research in many fields, including Behavior, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Chemical, Metabolic, and Skeletomuscular. For more information please visit RPPC 

TIGM can also provide a variety of breeding services that can be used to obtain information about Genetics, Viability and Fertility of mouse lines

Please contact us at or (979) 845-TIGM to discuss your project needs or find out how we can help you with your research.

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