Phenotyping Services

TIGM is serving as a centralized access hub to various phenotyping labs at TAMU

Services include:mouse

Metobolic Phenotyping

  • EchoMRI 100H delivers precise body composition measurements of fat, lean, free water, and total water masses in live animals weighing up to 100 grams. Live animals need no anesthesia and no special preparation making measurements extremely easy and fast.
  • Abaxis VetScan HM5 Color Hematology System is a fully-automated, five-part differential hematology analyzer displaying a comprehensive 22-parameter complete blood count (CBC) with cellular histograms on an easy-to-read touch-screen.
  • Abaxis VetScan VS2, a chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay and blood gas analyzer that delivers accurate results from just two drops of whole blood, serum or plasma.
  • Bio-Rad BioPlex 200 System, a suspension array system that supports analysis of protein and nucleic acids in a multiplex solution detecting up to 100 biomolecules in a single sample. Based on the Luminex xMAP technology. Many optimized, multiplexed assay kits are available from different vendors to quantify cytokines, chemokines, adipokines, growth factors, cell signaling, apoptosis, hormones and many other biomolecules.
  • glucose, lipid and protein metabolism
  • insulin resistance
  • nutrient absorption
  • serum chemistry
  • reactive oxygen species and glutathione metabolism
  • insulin and other signaling pathway components
  • organ function
  • assays to measure defects in cardiovascular, kidney, nervous system, muscle, and skin (wound healing)
  • full clinical chemistry services


  • ultra-high resolution imaging and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (Faxitron Ultra Focus Digital Radiography)
  • high-resolution X-ray CT (Scanco Viva40 MicroCT)
  • trimodal PET∕SPECT∕CT (Bruker Albira micro-PET/SPECT)
  • fluorescence (Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme, Xenogen – IVIS ® Lumina II, NightOWL)
  • luminescence (Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme, Xenogen – IVIS ® Lumina II, NightOWL)
  • radioisotopic (Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme)
  • high resolution X-ray (Bruker In-Vivo Xtreme)
  • Visual Sonics Vevo 3100, a real-time, in vivo, micro-imaging system for high anatomical resolution, physiological and microcirculation quantification.

Behavior analysis

  • Coulbourn Habitest System, a modular test arena utilizing modular stimulus and response devices. HABITEST applications span the behavioral gamut, including mazes and runways, operant conditioning, spatial activity, ergometry, active and passive avoidance, fear conditioning, place preference, feeding and drinking and many more.
  • Coulbourn TRU SCAN Acitivity Monitoring System, a versatile and simple system to monitor open field activity in up to three planes. Nose poke task, place preference, conditioned freezing, light/dark tests can also be performed.
  • IITC Rotarod, used to assess the effect of drugs on the motor coordination or fatigue resistance on mice and rats using one unit in a safe and humane way.
  • Digigait Analysis System, the most widely applicable and comprehensive gait analysis instrumentation available. It can measure voluntary and treadmill walking, hopping and running speeds, gait analysis on inclines, and many other parameters. It offers high throughput, highly accurate data collection and analysis.
  • Open field
  • Morris water maze
  • Shuttle cages with shock floor for fear conditioning
  • Three-chamber monitoring system
  • Small animal stereotaxic system
  • T-maze, elevated maze and radial maze
  • Irwin Screen

Physiology systems

  • Chatillon Force Measurment for the quantification of muscular strength in rodents. It allows easy measurement of a variety of muscle groups to assess the effects of experimental conditions on muscular degeneration.
  • Hatteras Metabolic Cage System, designed to house a single mouse for up to a 24 hour period in order to collect clean, uncontaminated urine samples. There are currently 30 individual units available for use.
  • Hatteras Mouse Multi-Channel Blood Pressure Analysis System, a non-invasive instrument designed to help researchers efficiently and effectively obtain accurate blood pressure measurements on mice and rats.
  • Karl Storz COLOView System for conolonscopic examination and biopsy in mice and rats.
  • TSE PhenoMaster, a flexible, modular high-throughput phenotyping platform for metabolic, behavioral, and physiological monitoring including indirect gas calorimetry, food and liquid intake, and locomotor activity.
  • Mouse Specifics ECGenie non-invasive electrocardiogram
  • DEXA for bone density analysis


  • Gross Observations
  • Organ Tissue Weights
  • Histopathology

Expression studies

  • Taqman
  • Microarrays
  • BioTek Cytation 5 Multi-mode Microplate Reader combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection. Includes both high sensitivity filter-based detection and a flexible quadruple monochromator based system with a fluorescence cellular imaging module and up to 60x magnification.


  • Skin Proliferation
  • Xenografts

TIGM can also provide a variety of breeding services that can be used to obtain information about Genetics, Viability and Fertility of mouse lines

Please contact us at or (979) 845-TIGM to discuss your project needs or find out how we can help you with your research.

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