Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust Subsidized Mouse Lines

These mouse lines are available as sperm for $5,000 USD for academic and non-profit institutions under the same terms and conditions as our conventional lines. TIGM can also rederive these lines for you at an additional cost. Click on the link for your gene of interest or contact us by phone or email (info&#64tigm.org) for more information about any of these lines. Click on the red check mark to view more details and phenotype data for the mouse lines.


Gene Symbol Clone Data
5133401N09Rik LEXKO-0984
Acsl3 OST148301
Adamts5 LEXKO-0027
Ager LEXKO-2071
Arhgap12 OST237375
Arhgef18 GST002860
Avpr1a LEXKO-0921
Ccl25 LEXKO-0473
Ddr1 LEXKO-1928
Elovl6 OST222498
Fxyd6 OST236306
Galr3 LEXKO-0230
Glo1 GST_4497_D9
Gnb1l OST35527
Gpr55 LEXKO-0261
Gpr87 LEXKO-0913
Gria1 LEXKO-1520
Gria2 LEXKO-1605
Ifitm1 OST471536
Igf1r LEXKO-0322
Il25 LEXKO-0310
Ilkap OST55141
Impa1 LEXKO-0374
Impa2 OST203987
Kcnb2 LEXKO-1551
Kcnh1 LEXKO-1588
Map4k5 OST218153
Mras OST108223
P2rx5 LEXKO-1615
Plekhm1 OST201689
Plscr1 LEXKO-0701
Ptgfrn OST437383
Rab1b OST191074
Ralbp1 OST359995
Reep5 OST296938
Rras OST24882
Rras2 OST47398
Senp1 OST215108
Senp2 OST66117
Senp6 OST66115
Tnfsf15 LEXKO-1554
Tpcn1 OST359423
Tpcn2 LEXKO-0845
Trib2 LEXKO-1136
Trib3 OST324148
Trpm1 LEXKO-0428
Trpm3 LEXKO-0380
Wisp1 LEXKO-1174

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